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Davin Agatep
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Richard Cawthra
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Joseph Epstein
The Epstein Family Philanthropic Fund
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Haller Concepts Inc.
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Roger and Marian Wong

We could not do this without the help of a core group of people who care about what we do, and want to make sure it will continue. They are:

Virgil Parrett, our master of logistics and transportation for moving our offices to the new location and doing everything needed to keep our films, equipment and documents well-organized and easy to find.

Leslie Ann Levine, who creates our graphics, logos, presentations and now, our new website.

We want to thank Albert Steg for creating the unique computer database program for our film preservation work, to keep track of the more than 800 collections of culturally or historically significant home movies we have acquired over the past two years. Albert generously donated a significant portion of his normal fee to the foundation, for which we are extremely grateful.

Ron Merk, our director of film programs, whose knowledge of the film business, film technology and film historic is encyclopaedic, and whose long association with the foundation, as co-founder with Chris Holter, has made so much of a difference to thousands of lives that have been touched by his dedication to the foundation. His contributions to the San Francisco Bay Area film industry are legendary. As the Editor-in-Chief of Indieplex Online Magazine, he continues to reach hundreds of thousands of people with his insight and knowledge of the entertainment industry and many other subjects.

A special thank you to Ira Shore, a major donor to the Chris Holter Legacy Awards

A special thank you to Jerry Vurek for his continued, generous support of the foundation.

A special thank you to David and Nurit Garner for their continued support of the foundation, and for their generous gifts.

Bill Giba, Little Giant Lighting, San Francisco

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Help us establish a long-term endowment for the foundation and to expand our programs.

Checks should be made out to The Metro Theatre Center Foundation and mailed to: P.O. Box 427418, San Francisco, CA 94142-7418.
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